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When is a City of Chula Vista building permit required? – For detailed information, please see Work Requiring Permits for the City of Chula Vista (this link is to a file in PDF format). [Note: Additionally, you may need to submit an Architectural Change Request to the Board of Directors before any modifications can be made to the exterior of your unit.]

Which Building Codes has the City of Chula Vista adopted that are in effect? For detailed information, please see Codes in effect as of November 1, 2002 (this link is to a file in PDF format).

How can I check up on a Contractor that I want to hire? State law requires that contractors who perform work that totals $500 or more in labor and materials to be licensed. Homeowners can check on the status of a contractor’s license by calling 800-321-2752 or by going on-line to:

NOTE: The items listed above are suggestions/recommendations we have received from homeowners or found on other web sites. Neither the Mendocino HOA, its Board of Directors, nor its Property Manager can vouch for any of these suggestions/recommendations. We present them to you "in good faith". We leave it to you to make the appropriate decisions as to whether these items are valid or not for your situation.

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