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Why did Police leave a 72-HOUR NOTICE TO REMOVE VEHICLE on my car? It is against city ordinance to leave a vehicle parked on a city street for more than 72 hours. It does not matter who owns the vehicle or where it is parked. To prevent your vehicle from being towed, it must be driven every 72 hours. Just moving up to the next house or across the street will not prevent the vehicle from being towed. [Note: To report a parking violation, contact CVPD Traffic Division Parking Enforcement at 619-409-5484.]

My car was impounded (TOWED) by the Chula Vista Police, how can I get it released? For a recorded message on how to get a release on an impounded car call 619-585-5796. [Note: If your vehicle was towed from the Mendocino area, you might first try calling Western Towing at 619-297-8697. By the way, if someone illegally parks in your assigned parking spaces, you can call Western Towing to have the vehicle removed.]

Alleyway (Fire Lane) Parking - How do I report vehicles that park in the alleyways? Parking in the Mendocino alleyways (fire lanes) is prohibited by the City of Chula Vista, and is subject to immediate ticketing and/or towing. You can report violations directly to the Chula Vista Vehicle Abatement office at 619-476-5365.

NOTE: The items listed above are suggestions/recommendations we have received from homeowners or found on other web sites. Neither the Mendocino HOA, its Board of Directors, nor its Property Manager can vouch for any of these suggestions/recommendations. We present them to you "in good faith". We leave it to you to make the appropriate decisions as to whether these items are valid or not for your situation.

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