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What do I do about a BARKING DOG problem? – Chula Vista Animal Control will respond to barking dog complaints. Call the shelter at 619-691-5123 and ask to have a report taken. You must give your name and address, officers will not respond to anonymous barking dog complaints. The officer will make contact with the owner of the dog and advise them of the problem. They will try to determine if there is a problem and if so, why it occurs. Then they will go over possible solutions with the owner. You are encouraged to call back if the problem continues after an officer has made contact.

Leash Law (from Chula Vista Municipal Code):

  • 6.24.020 Running at large prohibited. It is unlawful for any person owning, having interest in, harboring or having the care, charge, custody, control or possession of a dog to suffer, allow or permit such dog to:

      A. Be upon any public street, alley, park or other public place in the city, including public or private school grounds in the city, unless such dog is restrained by a chain, line or leash and is in the custody of some competent person, or unless such dog is confined within a motor vehicle;

  B. Be on premises of a person other than owner, possessor or keeper without consent, or in or upon a vehicle without the consent of the vehicle owner. (Ord. 1706 § 1, 1976).

  • 6.24.030 Restraint of dogs by owner. Dog owners or persons having care or custody of dogs shall at all times keep their dogs on a leash or within an enclosed area on their own property or the private property of another, with the permission of the owner of that property, so as to prevent them from being at large or stray, from biting or harassing any person engaged in a lawful act, from interfering with the use of public property or with the use of another person’s private property, and from being in violation of other sections of this code.

However, dogs may be at large while participating in field trials and obedience classes organized and sanctioned by recognized dog clubs, while assisting their owner or trainer in legal hunting or in the herding of livestock, while assisting a peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties, or while being trained for the above purposes on private land with the permission of the land owner, so long as such dogs are under direct and effective sound or gesture control, within sight of such individuals to assure that they do not violate any other provisions of law. (Ord. 1706 § 1, 1976).

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