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How do I go about having a STOP SIGN or STOP LIGHT installed at a location having several accidents or near accidents? Contact the Engineering Department at 619-691-5021.

Who can I call to report a POTHOLE on a public street or roadway? Call the Pothole Hotline at 619-460-BUMP or call Public Works Operations at 619-397-6000. [Note: For us, this applies to both Mendocino Drive AND the alleyways within our complex because they are "owned" by the City of Chula Vista.]

NOTE: The items listed above are suggestions/recommendations we have received from homeowners or found on other web sites. Neither the Mendocino HOA, its Board of Directors, nor its Property Manager can vouch for any of these suggestions/recommendations. We present them to you "in good faith". We leave it to you to make the appropriate decisions as to whether these items are valid or not for your situation.

Page last modified: December 21, 2004

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