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Yes, it's happened to all of us. Cats napping on your car hood, patio chair, or in your garden bed!  Even worse, they use your garden or roof as a litter box. There is the smell of their "special spray" on your fence, gate, or even the walls of your home after they mark their territory. They've even been known to leave you the gift of a dead mouse in your carport.

While many cats and kittens are cute and cuddly to many people, they can be an annoyance to others. Unfortunately, many cat owners let their pets roam free without concern for their neighbors. But, in many cases, the cats in our neighborhood are "feral" cats that are not owned by anyone -- they are free spirits and drifters that have decided to use your property for awhile.

Here are a few "safe" suggestions for discouraging cats from moving in on your territory:

  • Vinegar - Spray a vinegar-water solution around the base of your acid-loving plants or on flower pot containers.

  • Orange Peels - Save those citrus peels and sprinkle them around shrubs and plants. Cats hate the scent of citrus as much as vinegar. To make the peels go further, grind them in a blender to release the citrus oils, and then mix with water.

  • Rock Garden - If you want a low-maintenance yard, use rough-surfaced rocks as a ground cover or in flower pot containers. Works well at keeping tender pads away.

What can I do about wild cats in my neighborhood? Animal control officers do not pick up stray cats, friendly or wild. The Animal Care Facility [619-691-5123; 130 Beyer Way] will accept them if they are brought to the shelter. Wild or feral cats may be trapped and brought to the shelter during business hours [10a-5p M-F; 10a-4p Sat]. Cat traps are available at the Animal Care Facility for Chula Vista residents.

You may also find the following web sites useful. Note that the HOA, its Board of Directors, and its Property Manager make no claim to the advice given on these web sites. Individuals are responsible for their own actions in handling these matters. If you have questions, please check the local laws for the City of Chula Vista and the County of San Diego.

NOTE: The items listed above are suggestions/recommendations we have received from homeowners or found on other web sites. Neither the Mendocino HOA, its Board of Directors, nor its Property Manager can vouch for any of these suggestions/recommendations. We present them to you "in good faith". We leave it to you to make the appropriate decisions as to whether these items are valid or not for your situation.

Page last modified: December 21, 2004

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